Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to immediate eviction without a refund. False pretenses include but are not limited to renter providing false names or ages, cause of rent (ex.: loud gathering, such as a party or spring break groups), or any other fact that would normally cause the rental request to be declined.


RESERVATION: The Guest must be at least 30 y. o. to rent the Property. A person who makes the reservation should be one of the guests, not just booking on behalf of someone else, and will be an occupant of the Property during the entire reserved period.

NUMBER OF GUESTS: The total number of guests staying at the property should not exceed 16 people. One of the factors of our acceptance of the reservation is the number of guests provided during the reservation process. Inviting extra guests for an overnight stay without notifying the Owners is a breach of the rental agreement and will result in immediate eviction without refund.

VISITORS: Daytime visitors are allowed for as long as the Owners are notified about them (including the number of those guests and the duration of their stay) and for as long as the total number of people staying in the house does not exceed 16 people.

CHILDREN: All guests in the party acknowledge that the Property is NOT CHILDPROOFED and contains multiple staircases and balconies, and a few easily opening windows for Fire safety regulation, including two in the bunk bedroom. It is the Guest’s responsibility to inspect the property to identify all conditions that guests may consider dangerous to their children, such as knives, cleaning products, uncovered electrical outlets, height, and steepness of staircases, including the spiral staircase to the cupola, etc. By signing this agreement all guests agree that they are solely responsible for the actions of the children in their party at or about the property at all times and that the Owners carry no responsibility or liability.

WHEELCHAIRS: As much as we would like to accommodate all guests, unfortunately, due to narrow doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms, wheelchairs are not suitable for our property.

HOUSE PARTIES: Out of consideration for our neighbors, prom, graduation, spring break parties, youth group parties with or without adult supervision or ANY other loud parties are NOT permitted. Violating this policy will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of the remaining stay.

SMOKING: This house is available for rent to NON-SMOKERS only (the rule includes: no smoking inside, outside, no e-cigarettes). The Owners are not flexible on this rule. In case of its violation, a $700 minimum CLEANING FEE WILL APPLY to remove any smoke odors from the house.

PETS: Pets of any kind are NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the premises (inside or outside the house). Bringing an unauthorized pet to the property will result in immediate removal of pet(s) from the property and at least a $500 fee, depending on the cleaning and sanitation.

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT: Check-in time is after 4 p.m. and check-out is by 11 a.m.

The Owners will provide the Guest with a personal key code to the electronic door lock, which will work from 4 pm on the day of your arrival until 11 am on the day of your departure.

The check-in and check-out hours should be strictly observed. Our cleaning team will be arriving shortly after 11 AM. If guests do not vacate the property on time and the cleaning team will have to wait for their departure, the Guest will be charged a late check-out fee of $250, plus an extra $25 for every 20 min of the wait to compensate the housekeeping team for its time.

Either early check-in or late check-out may be available depending on the Property’s rental status for an extra charge of $200, plus a mandatory 15% government tax (please, note: the cost is for either an early check-in or late check-out, NOT both). If you would like to have an early Check-ln, please contact us a day before your arrival or if you want to leave a little later, please contact us a day before your departure (only a day prior we will know our schedule) and depending on the availability of the house and our cleaning team’s schedule, we will be happy to work out the time with you and we will extend the working hours of your front door code or provide you with a new code. If early Check-in or late Check-out is available, the additional payment request can be sent through the rental site, PayPal or Zelle. Early Check-In and Late Check-Out are not guaranteed.

PARKING: Vehicles should be parked on the driveway only. Our driveway can accommodate up to 6 mid-sized vehicles.

Strict HOA parking rule: At no time should any vehicles be parked on the lawn, neighbor’s territory, or the street. A violation of the parking rule can result in an HOA fine of $75 or more upon multiple violations. Boats, RVs, or trailers are allowed to be parked on the driveway for no more than three consecutive days. There is a designated overflow parking area in the neighborhood. The location of the overflow parking will be provided upon request.

SECURITY: The guests understand and accept that the property is protected by outside security cameras. These cameras are used to protect the property from potential break-ins and theft. There are NO cameras inside the house. Tampering with cameras is prohibited and will result in an extra charge.

Locked Owner's Housekeeping Room/Garage: It is expressly agreed that the garage, and the housekeeping room are private and not included in this lease. Tampering with any locked rooms will result in a extra charge.

AMENITIES: All appliances, TV cable, and wireless Internet are provided as a convenience only, and are not integral to the agreement. Every effort will be made to ensure all equipment is in working order. Please report any inoperable equipment to the Owner promptly and we will make every reasonable effort to have the problem corrected ASAP. There will be no refunds for the malfunction of any equipment.

FIRE PIT: We are happy to offer the use of a fire pit to all our guests at no extra charge. For security and liability reasons all guests must read and sign the Fire Pit amendment to the rental agreement.

GRILL: Our house has a gas grill. It is the Guest’s responsibility to clean the grill after its use. In case if the grill is not properly cleaned, the guests will be charged an extra $30 for cleaning.

HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES: For the guests’ comfort the Owners provide an initial supply of hand soap, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, and garbage bags. If an extra supply of these items or other household/cooking items is needed, it will be the responsibility of the guests. Please, bring your favorite toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: The Owner and Owners’ representatives shall have the right to enter the property to inspect, move or replace any furniture, conduct necessary work arising from emergency needs, such as water leaks, fire, power failure, etc. The guests acknowledge that routine grounds maintenance such as lawn mowing can occur during the lease period.

CONSTRUCTION NOISE: Please, note that our neighborhood is very new and is still under development. Our property may be located near a construction site and there is a possibility that we may not know about a new nearby construction until the last moment. NO REBATE OR REFUND will be offered in these circumstances.


MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY: The guests shall keep and maintain the Property in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and upon the termination of the occupancy term, the Guest shall return the Property in as good condition as when received. No furniture rearrangement is allowed.

SEAFOOD: The guests should use their own cooler for seafood. Do not keep seafood in the refrigerator or the freezer since it can be difficult to get rid of the fish smell. Any evidence of a seafood smell will result in at least a $200 charge for deep cleaning of appliances to remove the smell.

DISTURBANCES: The guests will be courteous and highly considerate of the neighbors. Outdoor noise should be kept to a minimum. The Premises shall not be used in such a manner as to generate noise (including loud music, yelling, shouting, etc.) which will disturb the neighbors, nor will neighbors be harassed or bothered in any manner.

If the Owners get a complaint from the neighbors or the HOA about noise, trespassing or any other police-involved disturbance, the guests will have to leave the Property immediately and no refund will be provided. The City of Galveston noise ordinance rule states that noise of any kind is prohibited from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Violators may be charged up to $500 per occurrence, the fine will have to be paid directly to the city of Galveston. In addition to violating the noise rule, an HOA fine of $75 or more with multiple violations will be paid by the Guest.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: The Owners uphold a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, underaged drinking, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, excessive alcohol consumption or any other violation of the laws set by the State of Texas. Any evidence of violation of this policy is grounds for eviction and will result in the automatic forfeiture of the rental amount.

TOWELS, LINENS ANS BEACH SUPPLIES: The home is provided with pillows, linens, blankets, towels, kitchen towels, comforters, hand towels and washcloths. We are happy to offer beach chairs and sand toys for children, the guests will furnish their own beach towels and beach shades (EZUPs, umbrellas, etc.). Don’t bring beach chairs and umbrellas into the house to avoid wall scratches. The guests understands that the Owners has no control over the condition of the beach and cannot be held liable for any changes to beach conditions (ex.: seaweed) or any closing as ordered by any official agency.

LEFT BEHIND ITEMS: The Owners shall bear no responsibility for forgotten item(s). Every reasonable effort will be made to locate them. There will be a $30 handling charge plus shipping costs for any found items returned at the Guest's request. After the item(s) are shipped, the Owners will provide the Guest with a tracking number and from that moment the items are the responsibility of a shipping company. The Owners shall not be held liable if the package is lost in the mail or for the delivered condition of said item(s). Any items not claimed for longer than 14 days will be donated or disposed.

DAMAGE: The guests will be completely responsible for any and all damage to the home or property caused by Renters, whether accidental or due to Renter’s negligence.

TRESPASSING: The guests are not allowed to trespass on the property of other owners. The guests must use the HOA walkway and shall not use the private walkways of other owners.

HOUSEKEEPING: The cleaning happens only after the guests’ departure, there is no daily housekeeping services. If guests need a new set of clean towels or sheets, we can contact our cleaning team on the Guest’s expense, or guests are welcome to use the washing machine.

The guests are required to keep the Property in clean condition at all times, since they pay only for the basic cleaning. In an effort to keep the cleaning fee to a minimum, we ask our guests to perform some actions prior to check-out to avoid an extra cleaning fee. Before your departure, please:

  • Load all dirty dishes and start the dish washer.
  • Pick up the trash from all areas of the Property, incl. ground floor, balconies and any unwanted items from the refrigerator and pantry and place in the trash can on the ground floor.

HOT TUB AND ELEVATOR: Hot tub is offered for an extra charge of $175 plus tax per entire stay. Elevator is offered for an extra charge of $150 plus tax per entire stay. DO NOT STAND/SEAT/LAY ON THE HOT TUB COVER, it will break, and the Guest will be charged $500 for its replacement.


If you are concerned about the possibility of rescheduling, early departure, or cancellation for ANY reason, including any weather condition or acts of God or nature (such as storm or hurricane) that may happen during your stay, we strongly suggest that you take responsibility for this risk and obtain the trip cancellation/interruption insurance of your choice. There are many online companies that offer vacation protection. Airbnb suggests purchasing travel insurance through InsureMyTrip (for more information call 1-800-487-4722 or visit their website at In general, their plans will cost anywhere from 4%-10% of the total trip cost.


As evidenced by the signature set forth below the Guest confirms that ALL GUESTS in the party agree that:

  • Only the number of guests mentioned during the reservation will stay in the house. Inviting extra guests either as day-time visitors or for an overnight stay without notifying the Owners is not permitted. It is against the house rules and considered as a breach to the rental agreement and will result in the cancellation without refund.
  • All terms, conditions and rules of the rental agreement have been accepted.
  • If any damage is done to the property either the Guest or by any other person in the Guest's party during their stay the Guest will be responsible for the full cost of replacement/repair of the damage.


  • Fire level should be kept at its minimum for a safety reason. Please remember that even the slight wind shifts fire flames. DO NOT USE THE FIRE PIT DURING WINDY DAYS!
  • CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED in close proximity or around fire pit, whether fire is lit or not.
  • No glass containers are allowed around the fire pit or hot tub area, please use provided plastic cups.
  • DO NOT leave a lit fire pit unattended at any time.
  • After the lava rocks have cooled down (it takes about 30 minutes) the lid should be placed back to prevent the accumulation of the sand.
  • The Guests accept the risk of using the fire pit and are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for any injuries while fire pit is in use. The Owners CANNOT be held accountable for ANY injuries.

By signing I am indicating that all Guests in my party agreed to abide by all the Fire Pit Rules and Regulations and are solely responsible for the use of the fire pit, the Owners will not be held liable for any injuries.

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